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PPC Loophole with SpeedPPC 4

Jay Stockwell, the person who made the PPC game changing software Speed PPC is set to launch PPC Loophole on December 3, 2009.  With PPC Loophole, he will be releasing the latest update on Speed PPC together with the new concept called "Pivot Theory", which is the primary concept that led to the exponential growth of his business.

The idea is to apply Pivot Theory which requires simple improvements while using the Speed PPC tool.  These small improvements are said to multiply the profits significantly.  I remember reading about some concepts about profit multipliers after making minute changes in business.  It is awesome that similar principles are applied in pay per click.

Although PPC Loophole is linked directly to cost effective traffic generation through pay per click, it also educates its users about conversions for maximum profits.  It is good that they are both discussed in this product because both are extremely vital to any business.

Aside from the latest and improved version of Speed PPC, the PPC Loophole system includes actual case studies, and webinars.  There will also be time for reviewing actual websites of members to make sure the concepts are applied properly.

The concept of the product is interesting.  Check out the video below or CLICK HERE to go to the Official PPC Loophole website.

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