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Internet Marketing – A Go or A No?

What’s the hype with internet marketing?  Why do more and more people join in the internet marketing industry?

The internet is without a doubt a great means for relaying information and a powerful advertising tool as the number of internet users grow in millions.  That is why a lot of people are joining the internet marketing trend.  However, not everyone has a clear cut plan upon diving into the internet marketing scene, failing to outline their expectations and actions.

We are going to discuss some things to consider as you explore your internet marketing plan.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

1. Internet can reach all over the world thus you reach a wider market.

2. You’re open 24/7, shopping has no time limit.

3. Consider the cost of message dissemination, there are lots of email accounts offered free and sending out your advertisements or notices via electronic mail is way cheaper than using postal mail, almost no cost at all.

4. The internet offers you ease in spreading word about your product or promotions.  Your clients can be updated each time they go to your site or via their email subscription.

5. Sensitive documents that are business-related can be sent online with security rather than using courier services.  Documents arrive in minutes rather than hours or even a day for courier services.

Drawbacks of Internet Marketing

1. Tempting as the no cost for sending of messages and notices, maintaining an online site will require some costs: software, hardware, site design, maintenance, distribution and your time.

2. As internet users grow in numbers, still only a little over 50% of homes do their shopping online.  That means your market is only that, 50%-60% of the entire target market.

3. The internet is still viewed as an information source than a shopping place.  Most people will only ‘window shop’ online and buy the stuffs in person.  And that is a disadvantage if your actual business is located only in one or very few places.

4. Updating your online store’s details is important since information online are more easily to become obsolete, like product availability and promotions.  Thus, much of your time is focused on looking after your site.

5. Setting up your site requires consideration for customer service and ease in navigation.  Some online shoppers would only take one glace at your site and be discouraged once they cannot find how to contact you or how to go around your site.  Some sites are put together to attract and sell but not customer-friendly.  Most people would still prefer the old fashion way of customer service.

6. Security of your site is a priority.  There are still lots of skeptics about using their credit card for online transaction.  How do you assure your clients about the security of your site?

7. You are not the only one selling the product online – competition in internet marketing is tough!  By the time they get to your site, they have viewed many other sites.  They will not be patient enough to browse through your online shop just to find what they’re looking for, unless you present it to them at once.

8. People just can’t get enough of freebies.  Do you have something free to offer your shoppers?

There are other benefits and drawbacks of internet marketing aside from those mentioned.  So consider carefully your approach before diving into the internet marketing world.  All disadvantages can be dealt with.  An internet marketer must put himself in the shopper’s shoes to come up with the best internet marketing strategy providing assurance in security and ease in browsing for his clients.

PPC Loophole with SpeedPPC 4

Jay Stockwell, the person who made the PPC game changing software Speed PPC is set to launch PPC Loophole on December 3, 2009.  With PPC Loophole, he will be releasing the latest update on Speed PPC together with the new concept called "Pivot Theory", which is the primary concept that led to the exponential growth of his business.

The idea is to apply Pivot Theory which requires simple improvements while using the Speed PPC tool.  These small improvements are said to multiply the profits significantly.  I remember reading about some concepts about profit multipliers after making minute changes in business.  It is awesome that similar principles are applied in pay per click.

Although PPC Loophole is linked directly to cost effective traffic generation through pay per click, it also educates its users about conversions for maximum profits.  It is good that they are both discussed in this product because both are extremely vital to any business.

Aside from the latest and improved version of Speed PPC, the PPC Loophole system includes actual case studies, and webinars.  There will also be time for reviewing actual websites of members to make sure the concepts are applied properly.

The concept of the product is interesting.  Check out the video below or CLICK HERE to go to the Official PPC Loophole website.

Google Terminator

Google Terminator is being launched by Chris Fox on November 27, 2009, just a few days from now.  It is a system based on profiting from internet marketing product launches.  If you have been marketing online for a while, you know that product launches is one of the most profitable means to make money online quickly.
Click Here to go to the Google Terminator Official Website.

Product launches, especially in the internet marketing or make money online niches has helped many internet marketers become millionaires in a few days if not overnight.  As an affiliate, you can get a cut of their earnings by helping them promote the product and earn commissions.

Google Terminator has nothing to do with pay per click, blogging, web 2.0 or even keyword research.  After checking it out, I would say that it IS newbie-friendly and is good for those who don't have a huge advertising budget.  It even has step by step videos for finding a domain and setting up WordPress sites.  If you are a newbie and you want to make a quick buck online, this is probably what you are looking for.  Given the price, I would say it is worth it.  You will likely to recoup your investment easily if you study it carefully and take action.  If you are an intermediate-level internet marketer, I believe you will still learn some cool tips with it.

Google Terminator also has a Google Frenzy Component, which is supposed to make your rankings higher.  I believe this is an upsell and if you are no SEO expert, I suggest you get this as well as it will help you with your rankings.  If you are no SEO expert and don't get this, you might as well not buy Google Terminator at all because you will need good rankings in order to succeed with these methods. Also, launches can be quite competitive nowadays so you will definitely need some ninja tactics along with the basic product. So I would say getting the basic is NOT enough if you want to be wildly successful with it. I think you should go for the entire product, all or nothing.

In summary, here is what I think:

  • Newbie friendly
  • For Intermmediate Internet Marketers
  • Good For Those on a Tight Budget
  • Easy to Follow
  • Quick ROI

After reading my Google Terminator Review above and think it is for you, I will offer you a Google Terminator Bonus package.

1. Google Domination Report
In this report, you will get information on how to dominate the natural listings of Google. This report covers information on how to get higher Google rankings in just few days with very few hours of work.

Does it really work? Well, see for yourself. You are likely reading this post because it is ranked really well. Imagine what you can do with this information when targeting all the lucrative niches out there.

2. Automated Link Building Software
Let me help you boost your rankings even more by automating the link building process. This is a software that allows you to automatically create backlinks for your websites in high page rank websites. This will definitely make Google love your website even more and improve your rankings. This software is already loaded with at least a hundred of high PR websites where you can get PR juice from. What makes it better is you can just leave this running while you do other things that you love.

To claim your bonus, clear your cookies first.

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Generating Passive Income Online

In actuality, making profits from the web isn't a rocket science. You do not have to have a masters grade or a skilled degree to do it. As long as you are primed to study and do something, it is feasible for you to get a 4 figure guaranteed revenue from the comfort of your residence.

One of the generally common reasons folk do not achieve something in internet promotion is they do not follow thru an reputable development that ensures them profits. In Internet promoting, if you follow thru the verified methods, you will indisputably bring in automatic profits from it. Underneath are the 5 proved information how it's probable for you to earn a four number Internet income.

1. Locate a profitable niche. You have to select a market that is lucrative where the people in the niche are inclined to buy and are set to purchase things from the internet. When you have chosen your niche market, attempt to trim it down into a targeted market consequently you will have lesser competitions.

2. Watch out for the issues in that people in your niche are encountering. Afterwards, pick an associate merchandise that will perform as the resolution to the Problems in your niche and campaign for that product. This is the crucial lessons how you can make automatic income from the web.

3. Create a prospect capture web page to catch the names and emails of the people who stay your website. Make use of an auto-responder to execute this. And stand by with a few chase up e-mails also. Your follow up emails ought to be of best level and involve effective data that will aid the people in your niche. This is to generate faith and relationship with your leads as a result you will have higher earnings. Do not fail to remember to incorporate your affiliate links into your e-mails also.

4. Draw targeted traffic to your lead capture page. Traffic propagation is what you will require to do everyday when you have exhaustively set up. For instance, you might use article promoting, discussion selling, paid promotion, search engine optimization, and so on to generate targeted traffic to your lead capture page.

5. Continuously verify the practice of your production and continue on bettering the conversions. The most important ingredients that will have an effect on your earnings are your conversions and your prospects. So maintain on expanding on these two items.

These are the 5 proven road maps on how you can make automated profits from the internet. If you continuously follow through the strategies mentioned above and perform on them well, creating a 4 digit income in a couple of days is not just an aspiration.