Internet Marketing – A Go or A No?

What’s the hype with internet marketing?  Why do more and more people join in the internet marketing industry?

The internet is without a doubt a great means for relaying information and a powerful advertising tool as the number of internet users grow in millions.  That is why a lot of people are joining the internet marketing trend.  However, not everyone has a clear cut plan upon diving into the internet marketing scene, failing to outline their expectations and actions.

We are going to discuss some things to consider as you explore your internet marketing plan.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

1. Internet can reach all over the world thus you reach a wider market.

2. You’re open 24/7, shopping has no time limit.

3. Consider the cost of message dissemination, there are lots of email accounts offered free and sending out your advertisements or notices via electronic mail is way cheaper than using postal mail, almost no cost at all.

4. The internet offers you ease in spreading word about your product or promotions.  Your clients can be updated each time they go to your site or via their email subscription.

5. Sensitive documents that are business-related can be sent online with security rather than using courier services.  Documents arrive in minutes rather than hours or even a day for courier services.

Drawbacks of Internet Marketing

1. Tempting as the no cost for sending of messages and notices, maintaining an online site will require some costs: software, hardware, site design, maintenance, distribution and your time.

2. As internet users grow in numbers, still only a little over 50% of homes do their shopping online.  That means your market is only that, 50%-60% of the entire target market.

3. The internet is still viewed as an information source than a shopping place.  Most people will only ‘window shop’ online and buy the stuffs in person.  And that is a disadvantage if your actual business is located only in one or very few places.

4. Updating your online store’s details is important since information online are more easily to become obsolete, like product availability and promotions.  Thus, much of your time is focused on looking after your site.

5. Setting up your site requires consideration for customer service and ease in navigation.  Some online shoppers would only take one glace at your site and be discouraged once they cannot find how to contact you or how to go around your site.  Some sites are put together to attract and sell but not customer-friendly.  Most people would still prefer the old fashion way of customer service.

6. Security of your site is a priority.  There are still lots of skeptics about using their credit card for online transaction.  How do you assure your clients about the security of your site?

7. You are not the only one selling the product online – competition in internet marketing is tough!  By the time they get to your site, they have viewed many other sites.  They will not be patient enough to browse through your online shop just to find what they’re looking for, unless you present it to them at once.

8. People just can’t get enough of freebies.  Do you have something free to offer your shoppers?

There are other benefits and drawbacks of internet marketing aside from those mentioned.  So consider carefully your approach before diving into the internet marketing world.  All disadvantages can be dealt with.  An internet marketer must put himself in the shopper’s shoes to come up with the best internet marketing strategy providing assurance in security and ease in browsing for his clients.

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